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Rose AB
Swarovski Crystal Necklace               18 inch Crystal Swarovski : Necklace ......Ryan's design ...

American  Flag set: Bracelet , earrings and Heart Necklace (illusion cord) w/ Swarovski Crystals



Crystal Swarovski  Set: Necklace, Brac. and Earrings Safire.
 by Ryan's design  

 Crystal & Crystal Lace Set: Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings: 2XAB Sapphire, 2XAB White Opal Swarovski Crystal Beads with Silver Lined Gold Delica beads Finished with 14K Gold Filled Hook & Eye Clasp, Matching Bracelet finished with Square Swarovski Crystal Button Clasp and Matching Earrings on 14K Gold Filled Ear wires.

Anastasia, Pink  Crystal Swarovski & Pearls and Delica bead Set:  Necklace , Bracelet & Earrings, , 14K Gold Ear wires


Anastasia Crystal Swarovski & Pearls and Delica bead Set:  Necklace , Bracelet & Earrings, S. Silver  Ear wires (Amethyst).


Blue Elegant Classic Imitation Pearl Crystal Necklace.   


Swarovski Crystal &Delica  set: Necklace, bracelet & Earring....  

Evening Pearl Necklace, Bracelet & Earring Set.
Swarovski White Crystal Pearls with Swarovski Jet Crystal beads Crowned with Silver lined red  Delica beads finished with heart Clasp, Matching Earrings on 14K Gold Filled Ear wires. 

Illusion  fancy Pearl Necklace, 2 Strand 

Swarovski Crystal Lace set: Necklace, bracelet & Earring , Violet opal    


Jet Black  Necklace, glass beads

Crystal & Crystal Lace  Necklace, pearls and Crystal Clear AB


Dangles and Crystal Necklace -Crystal Jet AB
gold Sead Beads. 

$  12
Blue  Glass Mushroom and S. silver  Neckace


White Opal glass  Fancy drops & Swarovski Crystal Necklace  $ 18

American  Flag  Necklace  Crystal (4mm)Heart - Illusion Cord, 16"         -      $25.00          -

Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Necklace -Emerald, with Silver Lined Seed Bead.-Size: 20 "
 $ 65  

Light blue  Crystal Swarovski Necklace, 20" -       $120

Copper & Bronze Seed Bead Necklace 

Swarovski Crystal Lace Necklace & Earrings


Swarovski Crystal Lace  Necklace




 Emerald Heart Necklace  Swarovski  Crystal (6mm)- Illusion Cord

Swarovski Crystal Lace  Necklace



Cristal Heart Necklace -w/ Illusion cord - 
6mm Crystal

Mine-Lace Pink Pearls & Crystal Necklace

Fantasy Necklace & Earring w/multi Glass beads and pearls. Brazilian Style. Purple & Green  $ 45.00



Pink Orchid Floral Fine CRYSTAL NECKLACE

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